If you have x Anonymous Firefox installed on your computer, I hope this article will help you fix it.

x anonymous firefox

GuifiProxy Reboot Required

A simple proxy manager – Switch proxies in two or more clicks – Import and export proxy checklists – Add, delete and edit proxy servers manually – Automatic proxy authentication (bypass login and password pop-ups) – Change proxy


How do I browse anonymously on Firefox?

Important: When Firefox is set to “Always use private browsing mode” and “Never remember history”, you won’t see a purple mask at the top of every window, even if youYou are still in the process of private navigation. To restore normal navigation, go to the settings options. and uncheck Always use private browsing under Use custom history configuration settings (or select Keep history from the drop-down menu) and restart Firefox.

AnonymoX Firefox Add-on For Anonymous Surfing

Alternatively, you can also just attach the tracks to your computer, but also as part of your complete disguise on the Internet. With the following Sites extension, it’s almost impossible to determine your natural location:

It’s Time To Install A VPN Browser Extension

Have you ever triedHave you ever logged into a website, watched a video, or streamed a TV concert only to receive a welcome message that the topic is not available to people in your favorite area? You probably know how annoying online restrictions can be.

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AnonymoX: Unblock Bebo Videos

How it works: Once installed, the AnonymoX icon appears next to the search bar. Click on it, you can choose between Germany and United States UK IP addresses. This allows you, for example, to access content blocked in Germany.

Proxy Connection Details

Firefox is an easy-to-use internet browser. All you need to do is configure your proxy settings correctly with a meaningful valid IP address, port, and type. This information is provided by your ISP’s proxy and your work can easily capture it correctly.

x anonymous firefox

How do you use anonymoX extension?

AnonymoX is an Internet anonymity initiative. The goal is usually to restore a user right, most often associated with anonymity on the Internet. Most e-commerce sites track their end user behavior and allow web hosts to analyze overall user behavior and create detailed user profiles that are often sold to later parties. The threat to freedom of speech on the Internet is manifested in the oppression of a person by the state or private organizations. More and more governments are censoring websites under the pretext of protecting children, copyright infringement or combating terrorism, thus limiting freedom of expression. Blocking users based on most sources using GeoIP blocks is also commonly used. for example, on media platforms such as YouTube.

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