You may encounter an error code that windows is preparing to automatically fix the boot death loop. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, which we’ll talk about a little later.

How do I fix Windows 11/10 AutoRecovery? Windows 11/10 is an attractive piece of software, but not everyone likes it because of the bugs the house makes from time to time. If you have fallen into the automatic recovery trap, don’t worry, we will definitely help you solve this problem.

Small Part: What Causes The Auto-recovery Cycle In Windows 10?

  • The operating system has problems with the Windows registry.
  • BOOTMGR file types are missing
  • Missing and corrupted system files
  • Problems with computer system drivers.
  • Part 2: How Do I Restore Windows 11/10 By Preparing An Automatic Repair Cycle?

    How do I fix automatic repair boot loop?

    Run fixboot plus Chkdsk commands.Run a system scan in safe mode.Repair the Windows Registry.Disable the automatic repair tool.Reset Windows on your 10 device.

    Depending on the scenario you’re stuck in, you can choose one of these solutions to recover Windows getting ready to test the automatic boot death loop.

    Script You First: Black Screen Is Enough Reason To Loop “Preparing Message For Automatic Recovery”

    Method 1. Use the command line to remove the problematic fileov

    The mechanism for deleting problematic files will help return the laptop to working condition. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Open command line administrator.
    2. After that, type command prompt and then press Enter key: actual “cd C:WindowsSystem32LogFilesSrt.SrtTrail.txt”
    3. You will see the following on the screen: startup c:windowssystem32driverstmel.critical sys file corrupted
    4. Now type the following command and press the appropriate Enter key to remove the hard drive:
    5. C:>cd c:windowssystem32drivers
      C:WindowsSystem32drivers>del vsock.Restart sys
    6. PC after the operation is complete. If the solution is not complete, continue to the next method.
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    Method 2: Disable Auto-Repair on Boot

    You can disable autorun with a command from the command line. To continue, follow the methods below:

    1. Search for command line in the search box and open it as an admin application.
    2. In the window that appears, enter the following command buy press and Enter: “bcdedit /set current recoveryenabled No”
    3. After the process is complete Close the command window and restart your computer.
    4. After the restore, you shouldn’t see Win 10 thinking about the auto-recovery loop and accessing the computer. If you can identify the problem, continue to the next method.

    Method or more: Repairing the Windows Registry

    windows preparing automatic repair boot loop of death

    Restoring a Windows PC can solve most problems, automatically including a recovery cycle. You have the option to use the command line windshield to complete the task. The details are as follows:

    1. Access app switcher “Settings” features and “Update and even restore”.
    2. Under the selection restore path, the “Restart now” button below the “advanced startup” feature.
    3. After the computer restarts, select “Troubleshoot” and any click “advanced option” to select the “Command Prompt” command function to restore wire loop repair preparation.
    4. Enter command and media channels with Cd Enter: C:windowssystem32logfilessrt” (change some lettersdisks that exist on your wonderful “txt”, computer)
    5. Enter to open the file normally.
    6. Simultaneously Ctrl+O
    7. Select click all files of file type and select C:windowssystem32
    8. Select CMD, right click and select “Run as administrator”
    9. Type the command but press Enter: “cd C:windowssystem32config”
    10. Back up files after changing default name, software, SAM, system, not forgetting security files in .bak.
    11. Type the following commands and press Enter after each command:
    12. Rename DEFAULT.DEFAULT.bak
      Rename SAM to SAM.bak


      Rename SYSTEM to SYSTEM.bak
    13. Type the following and press Enter: “copy c:windowssystem32configRegBack your c:windowssystem32config”
    14. Reboot your computer and see if the problem persists. If you are still experiencing inconvenience, continue methodically.

    Method 4. or Update restart your computer

    If the Windows 10 auto-recovery cycle still persists after the above With these methods, your computer will be upgraded or reset. Steps including the following:

    1. Select Update & Recovery from Settings.
    2. In the advanced startup feature button, click Restart Now (the dedicated button below the recovery option).
    3. The computer will wake up and you will need to select the “Troubleshoot” menu item in the boot menu.
    4. You will now be able to choose between “Refresh your computer” or “Restart your computer”.
    5. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete this process.
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    Scenario 2: If You See A Blue Screen With Automatic Repair, Your Computer Cannot Be Repaired And Your Computer May Be Wrong

    Method started 1. Use command line to access start menu options

    windows preparing automatic repair boot loop of death

    You can use the command line to access the root menu options to regain access, which allows the computer to get past the windows scripted recovery boot loop error. Steps include:

    1. Right click toClick the Windows icon below and select “Command (Admin)” from the list.command
    2. quickly type the following and in the Input window press: “shutdown.exe /r /o”
    3. You will see a message that you are about to leave the house. You can close the message status and restart using Windows startup options.

    Boot method 2: in safe mode due to an error

    The Windows 11/10 Safe Mode Fix will help you start your PC with the necessary programs and services. This mode is likely to be able to fix a number of minor system problems. To fix the error, you will need a Windows installation DVD or your installation media. Prepare just one and then move on to the next steps:

    1. Use your installation media, whether it’s a DVD or a working USB drive, log in and log in.
    2. In the options, choose to boot from the installation media. Que bye
    3. Please wait, the files will be copied. About
    4. Click “Next” on the setup screen, start the Windows 10 automatic repair loop.
    5. Select “Restore” againMy computer” in a few clicks and click “Troubleshoot”.
    6. In the “Advanced Diagnostics Options Menu” select and “Launch Options”.
    7. You can choose between safe mode, safe mode with networking, and safe mode with command line.
    8. While in safe mode, you can use anti-virus software to scan computers, remove problematic files, remove the most recently installed program causing the underlying problem, and update hardware drivers using a USB DVD or all files containing .3:/ li>


    Windows Startup Repair is a great feature for fixing issues that experts say prevent your PC from booting normally. While this product may not fix hardware-related issues, this is a great way to start troubleshooting. Steps include:

    How do I skip preparing automatic repair Windows 10?

    Try disabling automatic recovery startup. Much more go to “Advanced Options” and this time select “Command Prompt”, in that special type “bcdedit command prompt window / set current recoveryenabled No” (without quotes).En

    How long does preparing automatic repair usually take?

    DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth This method may take about 17 minutes or more to complete, so please be patient. Don’t interrupt it. Once the Sfc scan is complete, type /scannow and just click OK.

    How to fix Windows 10 automatic repair boot loop of Death error?

    You can implement a command line to access certain boot menu options to restore your computer and take control of Windows, in preparation for automatically recovering the boot loop in case of death. Stage 1 specifically includes: Right-click on the Windows icon below select and “Command Prompt by (Administrator)” from the list.

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