In this user guide, we will find out some possible reasons that can explain why Windows 7 keeps updating and then I will provide some possible recovery methods that you can try to solve this problem.

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  • So, 08:03 time:.It should only be two months before the official end of life date for Windows 7 because More and more obsolete by two years. Before this happened, Allen advised Microsoft to upgrade to 10 because Windows 7 would likely become vulnerable to attacks, rogue viruses, etc. It all seemed because Microsoft would no longer provide you with patches and security updates for a specific operating system. So

    I continued to use Windows 7 and noticed that microsoft keeps updating it. Not very, but regularly, there would be at least one product once a month or so. Most of these are new definitions related to Windows and Defender. There are also changes to remove the Malicious Software Tool (Latest Windows software for today, November 11). But I also got the maintenance stack and several monthly security patches that were expired.

    So what’s the point? I don’t use Windows Enterprise 7 and don’t want to, I was paid extra for current security updates. Why did Microsoft rely (or better yet, lie) on the fact that there were no updates since January 14, 2019?Windows 7 security features?

    Cut and paste this from “If you continue to use Windows 7 after end of support, your home PC will still work, but the task will still be more vulnerable to security vulnerabilities and viruses. keep up and running, but remember that you will no longer receive software enhancements, including security updates, from Microsoft.” (Source:

    This is a complete lie. To do this, they offer constant updates. I contacted Microsoft but they haven’t responded, so I’m posting the question here in case anyone can explain why they’re lying about this.

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  • Your lies are more than cutting!

    MS officially ended support for Win 7 on January 14th, 2020. However, the correct estimate I’ve seen is that currently around 20-25% of Windows PCs around the world are still running Win 7. – 80% of other Windows PCs are running adware operating systems and are being distributed by Win 7 PCs as they decide to install some security patches, usually followed by Malicious Software Removal Tool and Defender updates. You have to remember that Defender in Win 7 is not the audio/video it became in Win 10, it’s an anti-malware tool. I can’t speak to the fixes, some of which you refer to.

    In any case, what are you probably complaining about? You almost always get free and unexpected fixes. Would you rather not them

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  • Your text about lying is more than just a word!

    why does windows 7 still update

    MS hart has officially ended its exclusive support for Win 7 on January 14, 2020. But according to the exact estimate I’ve seen, about 20-25% of Windows PCs in the rest of the world are now running Win 7. For protection, most of the other 75-80 % of computers running windows, running other operating systems, from malware distributed by computers running Win 7, they usually made the decision to install security patches, remove malware, and keep updates by Defender. Should we remember that Win 7 Defender is not the audio/video that Win 10 has become, but an anti-malware product. I can’t talk about the rest of the fixes you’re talking about.

    As always, what have you always complained about? Most likely you will get unexpected free patches. Prefer not to receive them?

    Chris Cosgrove

    I’m not complaining aboutThe pueden phenomenon is perhaps just microsoft saying one thing and doing another. Of course, they should have said that they will continue to offer certain security updates through Windows 7 to anyone who decides to keep them, not that there will be no updates. If you change your mind, you should remove from your website information that there will be no updates after January 14, 2019, as it is clearly incorrect.

    Your jargon of lies is more than harsh!

    MS almost officially ended support for Win on January 7, 2020. However, I estimate that currently about 20-25% of Windows computers connected to the network are constantly running Win 7. To protect everyone, 75-80% of computers with Windows running other operating systems are protected from viruses spread by computers 7 win, which decided to install security patches, remove malware and generally refuse to update the Defender. It should be remembered that the Defender in Win 7 is not the audio / video that Win 10 has become, but a protection mechanism against malware. I cannot speak for others about all the fixes thatYou are linking.

    why does windows 7 still update

    Anyway, what is there to complain about? You usually get free and unexpected fixes. Prefer not to receive them?

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    Chris Cosgrove

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  • MS is a big company, it’s different people.




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  • Design time: 02:03. Engineers create fixes.

    Political writings generate popular statements.

    We are a big company, Most of them are not the same people.

    There is also the first side. Despite all the warnings, you acknowledge that you still need it.

    In general, Microsoft may choose not to fix this further.

    However, enough people are using expired Windows, so Microsoft decided it would be more interesting to make concessions and keep releasing critical fixes until people find out and give up.

    Why does Windows 7 keep on getting updates?

    Updates complete immediately with support for Windows 7 As far as Windows “ending to support” is concerned, this means that the operating system itself receives very few additional fixes. Others such as Windows Security Essentials or the Microsoft Office software are not technically part of the overall operating system and may be supported for longer. Itemprop=”replytourl”>#one

    Is Windows 7 still getting updates?

    Microsoft no longer offers support for Windows 7, now the main company has also released Windows 11. If you are still using an older package of Windows, remember that Windows 11 will be available as a free upgrade only for Windows 10 users, not older ones. versions.

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