In this guide, we will describe some of the possible causes that might cause data transfer between Ethernet computers and then we will provide some possible fixes that you can try to solve this problem. Image: If you’re transferring large amounts of data from one particular computer to another, the fastest way is to use a LAN cable. This is one of the oldest and fastest ways to transfer data smoothly. Using an Ethernet cable is the obvious choice, as the cheapest Ethernet cable supports 1 Gbps.

Why Are You Transferring Files From One Computer To Another Via Ethernet

How to transfer files via LAN or Ethernet cable?

You can easily go to Network from This PC and click on the computer name to access these files and folders on different computers. Conclusion: Transferring files via an Ethernet or LAN cable is an old method used by users.

transfer data between computers ethernet

You can transfer files from one computer to another in a variety of ways, such as USB storage, external hard drive, email, storage, cloud Wi-Fi, and/or Ethernet cable. youYou can use a LAN cable or an Ethernet cable to transfer ring folders between two computers:

  • If you don’t have access to a wireless network. You
  • if you want to transfer large files even faster than USB via or WLAN.
  • If you’re using OneDrive and not Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. use
  • Cable, Ethernet is at least one of the fastest ways to transfer files from one computer to another without using a network. Below are the most detailed guides on how to transfer files from one computer to another using an Ethernet cable or a LAN cable.

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    We also show owners a workaround to transfer files, packages, login entries and settings using a simple PC transfer tool if they find that using Ethernet does not suit their needs.

    Step By Step Name=”1″> Guide To Transfer Files To PC Using Ethernet Cable

    Often see the guides below for how to connect two PCs using an Ethernet cable to transfer files. Requirements:

  • Two

    Your Ethernet Cables Windows Computers

  • cat 5/6 Works Well
  • Step 1. Connect Or Two More Computers To The Same Connection.

    1. Connect two PCs with an Ethernet cable or LAN cable. Both use the same connector.

    2. Right-click the Start button and select Check Panel Configuration > Network and Sharing Center. See power grid or Ethernet.

    3. Click “Properties > Ethernet > Multiple Internet Protocol Versions (TCP/IPv4) > properties”.

    4. Select “Use future IP address” and enter the IP address and mask as a subnet, shown in the following screenshot. That the IP address you actually enter may differ from some examples if they are in the same range .

  • IP address
  • Subnet mask
  • IP address 192.168.1.mask 3
  • Nose and mouth subnet
  • 5. After correctly assigning your ip addresses, you will see both hard drive names in the network settings.

    Step B. Activate The Share Them Option On Two PCs.

    1. Go to “Panel > Control Group” SeInternet” and > Network and Sharing Center and > Change current sharing settings”.

  • Enable network discovery
  • Turn on file and printer sharing
  • Enable Sharing Later Anyone with network access can sometimes read and write files to these public folders.
  • 3. Click Turn off secure sharing for account from account. This way, a person does not have to enter it every time they already try to access it from another computer. But you cheat must password protection when the transfer application is completed.

    Step 3. Transfer Files From One PC To Another Using An Ethernet Cable.

    1. Select the file or directory you want to share, right-click on it and select “Share with > Specific People”.

    2. In the File Sharing window, click the drop-down menu and select All > Add > Sharing. Then the music file will be transferred from one computer to another. You can frequently check shared files on the target computer.

    3. Press Win + File e File Explorer, Unblock, click Network in the left pane. Find the PC type source and double click on it. All files are displayed. Can you duplicate files and paste them in a specific location.

    Users With Experience Transferring Files Between Ethernet

    As you can see, transferring files from one computer to another using an ethernet cable is quite difficult. For those new to computers, it should be more of a pain. Also, families can only share one file at a time, not a folder. And if you always need to transfer large files, how quickly to render them? The following method is an effective alternative to Ethernet transmission.

    Transfer Files From To PC PC Using PC Transfer Tool

    If you want to efficiently transfer large documents or even entire documents from one PC to another, you really need a perfect PC file transfer software. Todo easyus PCTrans satisfies all PC data transfer needs and provides one-stop solutions for PC upgrades.

  • Data transfer fromPC to PC. Transfer of user-installed accounts, programs and programs from one PC to another over any network.
  • Transfer from PC PC to without Internet. If the network is not available, create a file backup method and restore it on another laptop using a USB drive or external storage device.
  • Transfer applications local to disk. Move applications from your local drive to another storage even or to an external device to free up space, for example move programs from drive C to drive D. /li>
  • Data recovery. When a non-bootable version is found on your trusted PC, you can use this tool to remotely recover data from a failed hard drive.
  • transfer data between computers ethernet

    Download simple PC file transfer software for free to copy documents and files from PC to PC using Wi-Fi.

    Step 1. Open Todo easeus on PC on both of your fantastic computers. You select “PC to PC” to proceed to the next step.

    “Old” – transfer the data of the old from the current computer Deburs to a new remote computer.

    Step 9. Connect the two PCs via a link by entering a password to run or test the program on the target PC. Also make sure you select the correct new transfer direction and see “Connecting” to continue.

    The verification code can be found in the upper right corner of the main screen “computer, PC” undoubtedly on the target computer.

    Step 4. Then select “Files” to transfer the selected files. Choose the formats you need. Also click on the edit icon to configure the portable storage path.

    Step 5. Now click “Transfer”, start to transfer files from PC to PC. The C file size determines the transfer time. Please wait patiently.Transfer


    To transfer files from one computer to another using an Ethernet cable, you can follow the instructions in this article. The work steps are tedious and not very strictly difficult, follow the rules.

    How much data does an Ethernet cable transfer?

    Ethernet cable, c. H line Standard Ethernet, Un data is transmitted at 1000 Mbps, then switched to 125 Mbps. In terms of gigabytes, it takes only 10 seconds.

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