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HackerTyper. HackerTyper is one of the sites for people, but you can’t tell exactly how it exists.Useless Cat game by One Fish Studio.cat jump.Long call of the doge.pointer pointer.Mondrian and me.Boring button.fffffig.


Create A Strange Purchasedwebsite

That’s it, 19 of the best actual websites you can find in the darkest corners of the web. We wanted to give you a small selection right away, an example is here, an example of existing in general, useless and / or strange sites that can be found on the net.

Who Created The Useless Web?

Developer Tim Holman launched The Useless Web, a website that redirects users to an aggressive and useless website, in 2012. It has been very popular since its inception. June 6, 2017

How many websites does The Useless Web have?

As with good potato chips, getting you to enjoy one without wanting the other is no easy task. Luckily, there are a thousand options, whether you’re staring at a catastrophically leaking ketchup bottle, trying to figure out if it’s dark or not in the market, catching your hand in your finger with nicotine gum, or staring endlessly at your best bucket meme or watching dwarf dance. Thiswebsitesaysitall.com is literally a website that speaks for itself. “Endless.horse” is a horse, represented by endlessly scrolling keyboard glyphs. Eelslap.com is a funny shot of a man getting hit by an eel, while Beesbeesbees.com is actually a repeating GIF of Oprah’s gym bees aimed at a studio audience.

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How old is The Useless Web?

The Useless Web was an exploration of early web humor.

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