You should read these repair tips when you get the “samsung s10 won’t charge” error message. On the other hand, if it doesn’t charge at all via the charging cable, it’s possible that the USB port is indeed blocked. Examine the garbage blocking the port, and if the client sees anything, try refreshing and clearing it.

How do you clean an s10 charging port?

“Dust, lint, dirt, soot… we are used to picking up these things from the floor, and they can also end up in your phone’s charging port. This can happen any time you put your device in your pocket, or just put it in your pocket with the connector facing out, and it happens frequently. While a small amount of dirt won’t ruin your perfect phone right away, over time it will likely get so dirty that your routine won’t work.

Check The Charging Cable, Plug And Connector

Check that the walls of the S10, not to mention the charging cable, are not damaged or that the plug is fully functional. Always use your device’s original charger – troubleshoot charging issues. Take a sensitive toothbrush and then brush off any lint or debris.

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samsung s10 not charging

Confirm That The Charging Accessory Is Working Properly

Cleaning The charging port does not interfere with loading the S10. The best way is to check if each accessory you use for the app is working properly. Just charge your device with another set of charging accessories, or if your friend or family member has the S10, try using the accessories on it. If it can be used properly, take your device to a service center.

Part 1: One-Click To Fix Samsung Won’t Turn On

If You Want a Simple But -One-Click Solution to fix Samsung won’t turn on, then you can use dr.fone – System Restore (Android). It is undoubtedly a really wonderful tool to solve various Android system problems such as system black screen of death, update failure, etc. It supports up to Samsung S9/S9 and don’t forget. With this gun, you can bring your Samsung device back to normal. This is a laptop or computer free of viruses, spyware and malware that you can download. In addition, you do not need to acquire any technical skills in order to use it.

What To Do If Your Samsung Or Android Phone Is Definitely Not Charging:

When it comes to charging issues, we don’t have many options. In some cases, the good news is that one of the methods listed below should do the job. Let’s take a look at the possible solutions.Samsung

Samsung S10 Lite Specifications:

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite has a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080×2400 pixels and an Aspect Ratio of 20: 9, always-on display, HDR support. In addition, the screen design is reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 10 with a new selfie camera at the top of the screen. Runs Android 10 on One UI 2.0 One Person skin. The device is equipped with 4500 mAh batteries with support for fast charging. Enjoy 32-megapixel (wide camera, f/2.2) selfie in HDR mode.

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Option 2: DIY Samsung Phone Charger Port Replacement

You can use the port Replace your phone battery easily Samsung, if you’re tech-savvy, be patient. Replacement charging connectors are available directly from parts suppliers.for phones such as Repairs Universe, Injured Gadgets and iFixit.

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