If you see “restore my settings” this guide will help you.

How Do I Get The Settings App Back On My Own Home Screen?

From the home screen, periodically go to Apps (on the quick access bar icon) > Check apps (if necessary) > ” Settings”. From the Home screen, press the Menu key > System Preferences.

How Do I Get The Settings Icon Back On Android?

There are different ways to get the settings icon back. Settings icon depending on the phone you are using. Probably always swipe down from the top of the screen once or twice (depending on your phone) and tap the little round COG icon in the top right corner to return to settings.

Part 2. How To Restore Android Data After Factory Reset

After the operating system has become flexible, Android provides many options for recovering data after factory reset. This can be done manually, automatically, or through a Google account. Learn how to complete each step below:

Part One: Restore Android Phone From Google Backup

In this first piece of information, we will showanyone know how to restore android to mobile phone using google backup. Google Backup helps customers back up important files and additional information in their Gmail account and Google Drive. To restore an Android phone from a backup, you must have already backed up your Google account information. Now follow these simple and easy steps to restore songs and data to Android phone line from Google backup.

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How Do I Restore Phone Settings?

Restore app site backups Open the Settings mobile app on your device. Click System Backup. application reports. If these steps don’t match your main device’s settings, look for backups in the Methods app. Enable AutoRecovery at the top.

restore my settings

How Can I Perform A Tedious Factory Reset On My Smartphone And Completely Restore The Device To Its Original Settings?

Note: A hard reset will completely erase all data, settings of your smartphone and content on your smartphone in order to restoreRestore the original factory settings of the element. We highly recommend that you back up your device before doing a full overwrite. Go here to learn more about remote security for your smartphone.

restore my settings

Restaurar Sugestões Para Corrigir Configurações Personalizadas
Przywracanie Sugestii Do Naprawy Były Ustawieniami
Ripristina Suggerimenti Per Correggere Le Mie Impostazioni Individuali
Återställ Förslag För Att Fixa En Inställningar
Vorschläge Zu Problemen Wiederherstellen, Die Sie In Meinen Einstellungen ändern Können
Herstelsuggesties Om Onze Eigen Instellingen Te Herstellen
Restauration Des Suggestions Pour Corriger Mes Propres Paramètres
Restaurar Sugerencias Para Corregir Mi Configuración