If you have a non-working Windows 10 ps 2 mouse on your system, this guide should help.

Does Windows 10 Require A PS2 Mouse?

PS/2 mice are no longer widely used. … In general, a PS/2 mouse won’t work with Windows 10 by default, but many of us can fix that. In some cases, the PS/2 mouse is disabled at the computer level and can be enabled again. The process will complete in 2 minutes and the computer will restart.

What’s The Problem With A USB Mouse And Keyboard Not Working In Windows 10?

If you usually have a USB mouse and keyboard The keyboard has stopped working if you are trying to successfully perform actions on your Windows 10 personal computer with a USB mouse keyboard connected, then someone is at the right place for service. This article will provide you with simple step by step instructions/methods to solve the problem. Let’s start with this discussion.

Test PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard

Before resorting to more complex solutions, let’s try to solve the problem with solutions that are simple enough for people to work. The PS/2 connector is a six-pin connector used to connect keyboards and animals to your computer. It was last presented at the end of 1990’s and was definitely popular until USB mice and computer keyboards caught on.

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Why Doesn’t My Computer Mouse Work With PS2?

With PS /2, find the back of the computer, which will confirm that it is connected to the PS/2 mouse port and not to your PS/2 keyboard. If the last mouse worked correctly (i.e. it is not a new mouse), turn off the computer, disconnect and reassemble the mouse.

ps 2 mouse not working windows 10

Use Windows Update

You can use Windows Update, to check for Windows 10 updates. This right mouse driver may be detected automatically. If your Windows 10 feature is set to quickly install updates, you can skip this method.

How To Make A PS2 Mouse Work On Windows 10?

Press (Windows hand + X) press and process “Device Manager”. Or “Mouse” expand “Mouse in addition to other pointing devices”. Right-click the driver and select Update Driver Software. After doing that, be sure to restart your computer and see if this particular problem persists.

UseFix Mouse Not Working In Windows 11 (2022)

In this Now, in this article, we have detailed 6 different ways to fix mouse problems in Windows 15. In addition, we have mentioned some important solutions for users who usually experience touchpad issues. You can expand the table and just below you will find all the solutions here.

ps 2 mouse not working windows 10

Problems With A Wireless Mouse On The Correct Computer With Windows 7, Vista, Or Possibly XP

If you have problems with a wireless mouse, use one connected to another in sections on this page corresponding to the mouse issue. If the problem persists, go directly to the HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Troubleshooting support document for detailed troubleshooting information.

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Solutions If PS2 Keyboard Not Working

Here are undoubtedly a few troubleshooting tips. you so that when your ps2 keyboard is not working, you are ready to solve it with all your knowledge! You don’t need an expert, most of the time you are an expert!

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