In this user guide, we will reveal some of the possible causes that might generate a print screen key on a laptop, and then I will suggest some possible fixes that you can try to solve this problem. Looks like the print key on your own keyboard. It is usually found in any upper right corner above the SysReq button, so it is often abbreviated as PrtSc. Simultaneously press the specific primary Win key and PrtSc that you want to find. This takes a screenshot of the entire new screen.


To take a screenshot of the entire screen, click the Print button (sometimes labeled PrtScn). Your screenshot does not need to be saved as a file, but the game will be copied to the clipboard. You need to open an icon editing tool (such as Microsoft Paint), paste the screenshot into Author, and save the file there.

Take Screenshots

If you have the information literally needed to get your app on the marketplace website, don’t send us a link. Instead, use a screenshot from a website that you can upload to your app.

Take A Screenshot Of The Entire Screen

Anything that should take a screenshot. Full screen screenshot in Windows. Do 10. /11 – press the “Print” button using the Windows key or the function key (FN), depending on the manufacturer of your computer.

print screen key on laptop

Exiting Background Programs

Many saving programs such as OneDrive, Snippet or Dropbox, etc. can cause any problem and prevent you from doing screenshots on your computer. You run into functions that override the participation window function; hence the problem. You should try to close each of these applications one by one and check all the time to find out which application might be the culprit. Once you’ve identified an application, you can simply keep it closed to use the print screen feature if you wish. You can try using safe mode to block all applications on startup, and this may help you determine the source of the problem.

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