Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have reported coming across the pepakura app. PDO fileopen Pepakura in Designer or Pepkura Viewer. To open a PDO file in Pepakura, open the constructor, program and select File → Open, then navigate to the PDO file and open it.


Introduction. Creating A Paper Design

Is pepakura designer free?

Pepakura Viewer is definitely free software, a dedicated viewer that can display 3D models and patterns in other people’s reference documents created with Tamasoft’s Pepakura Designer.

My 40th Instructable CAD Program!

Greetings to these oriental instructors

A challenge I’ve wanted to accept for a long time. Guys, we have a revolution now. Revolution in ternary dimensions I, of course, sayabout the wonders of 3D printing. It’s great that we can create 3D models with a computer, and with just a few clicks of a button, you can have a real object at your fingertips!


I’m a fan of classic related art, with colorful shaped kirigama, better known as “paper craft”, and that’s why 3D printing has been around for years. Of course, the construction is completely handmade, but 3D practice is always the same. As I continue to see new developments made possible by 3D printers, I continue to wonder how this technology can make a comeback in home inkjet printers.

So, with today’s Combining My Two Favorites, I want to illustrate how the art of papermaking can benefit from 3D printing technology.

Step 1: Paper Art In The 21st Century

Although there are many unusual paper craft designers (in instructions, especially such as

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), creating simple paper decals or even converting simple decals to model paper is not that difficult.

The purpose of Instructable is distinct is to provide a comprehensive introduction to how to unfold, create, and color your own paper crafts. For projects, I often go through this process to create a paper model from scratch using a 100% free online program called Dem tinkercad, the widely distributed paper design program Pepakura, and the comprehensive Gimp photo editing software.

Other software available

  • Google Sketchup is a free trial software application that can be exported to Pepakura. The package is relatively easy to use and popular with designers like Ninjatoes.
  • Metasequoia is a fantastic editing package for fixing 3D models. More on that later, but a good, better piece of pepakura, go get it.
  • Blender: A powerful, very free 3D modeling and design program with a lot of fancy options. The learning curve is up to you, however it is steep.
  • Autodesk 123D: Autodesk’s new 123D is a truly new creation software printing 3D objects. They have a “Paper Cut” option that works for most functions as well, their “Cut” option is amazing. For more information about 3D printing on paper, I suggest this guide.
  • In addition, you need to download a free PDF conversion software to export to GIMP with Pepakura’s help. suggest I use pretty PDF.

    at 2:

    Tinkercad Design Phase

    Since we will both be exporting our structure to the Pepakura crafting program, we all need 3D planning software that fits their limitations. Pepakura instantly transforms the edges and vertices of geometric models into flexible 3D paper surfaces. Therefore, we must use a program that switches features small with the number of outgoing polygons.

    There is also Tinkercad, a complementary 3D design program, available as a free trial online. A big advantage companies like Tinkercad have over programs like Gold blender Sketchup is that The program is extremely easy to implement in terms of basic design, and it can also export a wide range of different files of any type. Even when it comes to the most complex area. , Tinkercad can create it in a relatively small area. You can find other types of guides on the official YouTube channel.

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    Since one of the most important features of the program is the ease of grouping/ungrouping various objects, I decided to create a very 8-bit mathematical model for demonstration purposes.

    (Icons by Mac artist Susan Kare). .When .you’re .finished, .extract the .ey .object .as a .solid .Pepakura ..obj or .stl file .she will be able to read any of them.

    Step 3. Open With Pepakura


    is one of the best selling paper craft software, if not the only dedicated 3D modeling software that has the time to spin up and convert 3D models into paper crafts. Basically, Pepakura takes your 3D idea and gives the edges


    and other

    Cut out the

    lines onyour object, convert its pattern into fabrics.

    If you haven’t already, download Pepakura Designer here. Unfortunately, the trial version does not allow you to save your company’s Papercraft PDO executable, but you can probably get around this problem by using a great pdf converter like Cute Download pdf.First

    open your favorite .obj or .stl file in Pepakura designer and start editing your model. With a callout that looks like a yellow box, you want to indicate that these are your open edges. Open edges are basically the edges where you want your object to be open.

    pepakura app

    Here are a few general tips that I use when unpacking:

    • Try the largest possible area for each part. In this case, many individual parts are cut out, which will inevitably have to be cut out.
    • If you’re cutting out elements that have little to no connection (such as individual clocks and pages), separate them into separate pieces. You can glue them together later.
    • The best strategy to think about is to rotate the object in the hollow box. Wherever you connectthread geometric for crease search, you are gone. When
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    you are ready. Go to FILE > PRINT > ok pdf, export the object as a PDF file.

    pepakura app

    Editor’s note. Unfortunately, Pepakura is a Windows specific program that may or may not work on Mac computers. If you have downloaded Google Sketchup on your computer.

    Step 4: Reducing Polygons With Metasequoia

    Depending on your design and style, this step may not be necessary, but still one of the most important.

    What do you need for pepakura?

    Craft Knife: Pepakura requires absolute precision when it comes to bending and cutting, so scissors will never be able to completely cut through a mustard metal ruler to ensure truly absolute precision.

    Does pepakura work on Mac?

    Pepakura Designer is not available for Mac, but there are alternatives that differ somewhat for macOS with similar functionality. The best Mac alternative is 123d, make, which is free.

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