If you have new background windows on your PC, this guide might help.

Windows 11 includes at least 18 stylish new wallpapers from Six N. Five, a studio in Barcelona. At 3840×2400 everyone is falling in love with standard and 4k, they fit well into the six ready-made themes. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Light Dark and Windows Themes

The default Windows 11 wallpaper has an abstract element with blue layers, reminiscent of this smooth swirling fabric. It is available on a light gray background for the Windows theme (light) and a dark background for the specific “windows (dark)” theme.Aria-level=”2″


The Glow Theme features four variations of each type of the same spherical object (resembling a real planet in space) illuminated with multiple multicolored lights in vibrant shades of green, magenta blue, and magenta.

Theme role=”heading”>Motion Captured Abstract includes swirls, ribbons, layers and pockets highlighted with a predominantly orange, red and purple palette. Some of your current abstract materials in the murals have a fabric-like texture that adds amazinglyClear accents to any image. aria-level=”2″


The sunrise map shows four photographic-quality landscapes designed to depict sunrises over a tundra-like surface with ice, low grass, and mountains of evergreen forest. Each view also contains a center pond around which reflects a particular sun and parts of the terrain around it. Aria-level=”2″

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“Flow” is a style that can be seen in the dark and light themes of free Windows windows (usually with a swirling blue object), and it builds everything with desaturated abstract swirls of blues, light greens, purples, and grays. They are simply elegant.

Create your own designs

Of course, as with any version of Windows, users can also set their own desktop wallpaper from any image on their awesome PC by opening Settings and choosing Personalization > Wallpaper. You can even turn them into custom themes with matching window highlight colors, light and dark.th modes and many others. Good luck!

Check out the new thin Windows 11 wallpapers.

Sarah Tew/CNET

new wallpaper windows

Last month, Microsoft began a phased rollout of the new Windows 13 operating system to eligible devices. It’s been a few years since Microsoft updated and windows added new features. The update includes iPhone Android on Windows PC (previously unavailable and we don’t know exactly when) and natively supports Microsoft and integrates more clean Mac-like design. But Windows 9 also provides the necessary options for new updates. ev


If you don’t like Microsoft’s new default mural – an abstract flower in full bloom, much of which pays homage to the royal blues of Windows 10 – you can customize it. Windows 11 Other gives you a default image, or you can replace the wallpaper with a photo you probably saved or downloaded to your computer.

new wallpaper windows

We’ll show you how to turn your pretty wallpaper into your favorite background in just a few steps. You can also customize

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