If you notice that your mouse is scrolling down the page, this blog post should help.

mouse scroll page down

Assuming that scrolling back involves only one mouse click associated with a scroll wheel, rather than half a page up or down, what you are describing is a mouse wheel that was attached to some old mice.< /p>

If you open a mouse with a wheel and look at how the scroll wheel mechanism works, you will see that it, in turn, has a series of bulges and indentations inside the wheelesa, and the result, which resists shocks, causes back, clicks. Feel. In addition, you will notice a series of small cuts on the work surface, through which a small beam of infrared light passes behind, and the computer mouse recognizes this as tire rotation.

The problem is that the pockets on the inside of the wheel (the “rest positions”) may not always line up perfectly with our slots. Could this be aggravated by wear and tear due to age? When the wheel is spinning, the primary function of the mouse is to scroll, but when you release the wheel, it will roughen up and cause a slight forward and/or backward rotation.

There isn’t much you can do about it, but there is a way to open a laptop or computer mouse and completely remove the spring (the one with the end in the wheel, not the one that holds the wheel on top). Personally, I think it’s better this way because the mouse doesn’t click anymore and works more smoothly. This is actually very desirable because excessive mouse clicking can lead to a lot of frustration due to all the vibrations. The problem, of course, is that if the wheel is wrongclosed, it may end up spinning too freely and therefore creating its own wobbly scrolling problem.

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mouse scroll page down

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When I scroll up my mouse scrolls down?

This is because the mouse scroll wheel sometimes moves up and down and when the mouse wheel speed is too high. Reduce the scroll speed under the wheel arch. 3.Go to your monthly bill index options and clear the Record index when hidden check box.

How do you make my mouse scroll up and down?

Customize mouse wheel settings You must use the “In Category” view in the Control Panel to see the “Hardware and Sound” option. window In “Mouse Properties”, select the “Wheel” checkbox. Then try adjusting the number between lines by using the mouse to scroll, or maybe try changing the mouse to scroll the page one at a time.

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