Over the past week, some readers have encountered a known error code when restarting the touchpad on a laptop. This problem can occur for several reasons. Let’s discuss some of them below. Or, configure the Windows key + I to open Settings again, then click Devices, Touchpad. In the touchpad window, scroll down until you see the Reset Touchpad section and simply click the Reset button.

What to do if laptop touchpad is not working?

When even the best touchpad doesn’t work, it may seem like it’s missing an outdated driver. Update or reinstall your company’s touchpad driversand in the device manager will help solve this problem.

Reset Touchpad Settings To Default Using Windows 10 Settings

Please note that only laptops with precision touchpads offer the ability to reset touchpad settings through the Settings app. If you are unable to reset your touchpad using this method, see the instructions in the Method section (scroll down to see them) of this guide.

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How Do I Diagnose Touchpad Problems?< /p>
how To Restart Touchpad On Laptop

H2> Windows Operating System Users Can Access The Touchpad By Selecting The Touchpad Settings Option From The Search Results. To Open Settings, Devices, Press , Then Touchpad. Open The Touchpad Window And Scroll Down To Reset The Touchpad.

Enable The Touchpad

Your laptop may have a special feature that enables and disables a certain feature on the touchpad. It is usually mapped to a key that actually works (for example, F7, whichavailable on Acer laptops) and you may have accidentally toggled this key. Click it and also check if you can swap the round cursor.

Restart Your Computer

One of the easiest and most effective alternatives to fix the problem than the Windows 11 touchpad is not working . to restart your PC. Whenever you restart the whole computer, it can restart all system services, which automatically fixes most problems. However, since the touchpad isn’t just functional, you’ll need to make full use of an external mouse to access its interface. For

how to restart touchpad on laptop

How To Restore Touchpad Settings To Default In Windows 11?

You can completely restore touchpad settings to default in Windows 11 in two ways. If you installed proprietary software for your touchpad first, your organization can use it. Then, if Windows applies the 11 Settings app, you can definitely reset your touchpad. In this post type, we will see how to reset the touchpad Using the Settings app.

Enable The Touchpad Using The Assistive Button

The most common reason our touchpad stops working is because the user has accidentally disabled the touchpad feature. Most laptops have a touchpad function key built into the F-factors. Most often, it is above the F9 key.

Check If The Function Key Has Disabled The Touchpad

Most Internet users – connected computers have additional features that are broken down into certain built-in functions (F1 -F12). The key is activated by pressing the Fn key and the Goal key. One of these actions can be enabling and disabling the touchpad.

How do I restart my touchpad service?

Most laptops these days come with touchpads that do more than just click and scroll. They include two, three, and even four finger gestures to help you hold your Windows computer with ease. You can assign these gestures to items that open Cortana, switch between active windows, and open the Method Center. In addition, you can improve scrolling sensitivity or choose whether to disable the touchpad when an external mouse is connected. If you’ve made a lot of changes and want to start over, or if you’re just having problems, resetting the default settings can help.

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