This article is written to help you when you receive an error message on how to fix boot loop without factory reset.

Your Android device may have experienced a boot loop, butunable to access the operating system? Don’t be discouraged because in this article, you’ll find 5 effective ways to keep homeowners out of trouble.

My phone was suddenly stuck in a reboot loop with no expiration date while I was listening to a podcast and was charging even when plugged in. How to restore bootloop without losing data?

“Android User

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The shutdown loop has become a more common problem for Android gamers in recent years. When this happens, the phone reboots and does not turn on, customers cannot turn it on or even turn it off. If the boot loop cannot be eliminated, your phone should remain on the boot company logo screen and you won’t be able to enter safe mode or boot into almost any mode.

So, how can I get my Android out of the boot loop, how can I have issues with the boot loop without a factory reset? Here in this blog we would like to share some best practices including the most effective helper tool.Samsung Boot Repair Service tool to repair a detected boot loop.

Why Is Android Loading Looping?

how to fix bootloop without factory reset

A loop occurs when there is undoubtedly some sort of faulty connection in the Android operating system that causes your android approach to fail to complete the boot sequence, instead it gets stuck in a boot loop and recovers many times.

Android boot loop errors are probably always caused by the following reasons:

This often happens when using a running custom OS, rooting the phone, shoe or boot looping after a factory reset or bootloader restart, etc.

PC user tries to install custom software, but the application file is permanently corrupted and unreadable when saved.

Because the Android system does not start only because of a bad update, and most people in this situation with key facts after entering the current model, remain locked on the TV.

An Android mobile device is infected with a virus due to malware or malwareapplication.

The pipe is physically ruptured by water, only by an external force or even by a simple English scheme.

This is why your Motorola phone is stuck on the screen and your LG phone or Android tablet keeps restarting. Now read on and get the different strategies that work for you. Schedule this boot cycle with a hard reset or no data loss.

There are several methods you can try as they depend on your Android phone model and cause a specific problem. Can you get rid of the loading loop for a few minutes?

How To Fix Boot Loop Without Factory Reset

How do I get out of Bootloop without factory reset?

Turn off the name, in the market, press the volume down and power keys at the same time for a few seconds to enter the custom recovery mode.Select Advanced Assortment from the Custom Recovery menu.Select Clear Delvik Cache.Go to the “Mounts in combination with storage” section and select the “Format/Cache” option.Reboot your best device.

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1. Download Android Boot Loop Fixer

With DroidKit, you can download an Android splash circle and bring your phone back to realistic mode. If you want to buy a boot screen without factory reset or access a boot loop without resetting, check out how DroidKit can help you in the following way:

  • You need to restore your system to deal with a tool that causes Android OS to constantly rebootme and loads the image, the Samsung logo freezes, etc.
  • Supports almost all Samsung phones and tablets running Android 5-11.
  • No complicated steps, no need to root your wonderful device.
  • 100% safe and stable. The downloaded and installed Loop Fix ROM is also definitely official from Samsung.
  • You can also fix Samsung tablet black screen, stuck in work mode, problems with recovery or firmware update, etc.
  • Besides, DroidKit provides your family with a complete Android solution, including lock screen bypass, Google account verification reset removal, etc.
  • Here are ways to restore Samsung boot loop without factory reset:

    Step 1: Download and install DroidKit on your Windows or Mac computer. Click the System Troubleshooting area.

    Step 2: Connect the Samsung Boot Loop call and click Start.

    Step 3. DroidKit will make sure to get the correct PAD code for your company’s device > Click the “Download Now” button in the software to get it access to the Samsung software package.

    Step 4. Loaded after clicking Restore Now. And follow the instructions on the screen to put your device into download mode.

    A few steps. After that, Droidkit will run a corrupted boot loop and other system issues on your Samsung. After the restore process is complete, you will see the “System restored successfully” page.

    2. Remove And Reinsert The Battery

    One of the easiest ways to fix your boot loop problem is to remove and reinstall your Android device’s battery. This smooth setup process can more or less fix your Android device’s boot loop without data loss.

    how to fix bootloop without factory reset

    To fix a correct soft reset operation, you can follow these steps:

    Step next 1. First you need to make sure your applicator is turned off.

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    Step 2: Use a small screwdriver to remove the cover on the back of the machine.

    Step 3. Finally, take it out and put it back in after a few seconds.

    Step 4: Restart your Android device to check, no fussIs there a problem with the boot hook.

    For Android models without a removable battery, you can simply turn off the device for a while. Then restart it to check if you can access the operating system normally.

    3. Remove the card to easily fix the SD card boot loop.

    You can also try removing the SD card from your phone, as some users have proven that this works. “I have tried all factory settings. Finally, I remembered reading something that said to remove the SD card and see if it reboots naturally. SD card and it booted up and worked fine! I have a Moto E5 Cruise.”

    Can boot loop be fixed?

    Causes of the Boot Loop Most issues can be fixed with a manual zone reset, but be aware that tampering with your phone’s system files can actually crash your device.

    How do I fix a stuck boot loop?

    Press Shift and click Reload to boot anyone to the “Additional Download Resources” screen.Go to Settings > Update & security > Recovery > Advanced startup > Restart now.Type shutdown /r/o in an elevated CMD command prompt to reboot your precious computer with advanced boot options, possibly with a recovery console.

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