If you have free Web SMS on your system, this user guide will help you solve this problem.

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Standard rates apply. Please confirm recipients before sending text messages.

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Please use the usual percentages to check with your readers before sending them a text message.

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You can send text thoughts to all majors

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free web text message

Send read messages (SMS) right away without worrying about whose phone bills keep growing. In fact, you can instantly send local and national free international text messages, communicate easily and save tons of money on it.

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Step 1. Country code

free web text message

Select the country you want to send your SMS to by selecting from the name of this contactrole list The page currently displayed on your screen will ask you to enter the number of your SMS recipient. Before entering the number, you need to change the country code by scrolling through the list or by entering the country name in the search bar at the top. Countries are listed in alphabetical order. Select the country you want to send SMS to by getting the name from this list.

The step is just a number – to the recipient

By selecting enter an island, you will see that its own country code has changed in a special field just below. You need to enter the recipient’s number, if it is correct, and click the “Continue” button on it.

Step 3. Send SMS

Specify what you want to communicate and remember that you can only enter 140 characters per message. It’s great that at the end of each message you print your name, saying that you’ve been contacted by recipients who can easily identify themselves. Then check one of the following boxes to confirm that you are not a robot. After completing this special check and the monitor appears, often press the “Submit button thosekst”.

Step 4. Check the status of each message

You will immediately be given the recipient’s number, and the page will show you the progress of this idea. After 60 seconds, you can usually check the status of that message to make sure it was delivered to the destination number. If the delivery was successful, an automatic delivery message is displayed.

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Step 5. Go back to the beginning

When you click “Continue”, you will see a message thanking you for using our service, and you will also see a “Back to top” button that will take you directly to the home page.

Can I text from my computer for free?

You can also continue to send text messages using your wireless computing device. Texting from a mobile phone has its advantages: it’s (usually) exhaustive, it’s easier and faster to type, and best of all, you can watch well when you’re not busy.

Can I text someone from online?

You can send SMS notifications from your web browser to any computer. With Google Voice, you can easily make calls and send messages from your office. You can also buy text messages via email from patients digitally using the address.

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