In this user guide, we will identify some of the possible causes that might cause a windows Update Server 2008 r2 recovery and then I will provide possible recovery methods that you can try to get rid of this problem.

The Windows Update screen will appear and I will click Download under Updates. The icon then scrolls across the screen and tells you how to download updates, but the number should not increase (total 0 KB, full) 0%. I’ve tried various things Signify Google found to fix this issue but nothing has worked so far.

Quoted between except I don’t have a specific sql 2008 server without launch license is . I’ve also tried a few basic Google themes including WUInstall and setting up via a separate WSUS server and absolutely nothing has worked so far.

I have re-registered and also sfc through all the DLLs that I think can be found (about 150), I don’t use proxies.

I downloaded the updates manually, but remember that Windows stops with “Check for Updates”, which in turn never stops checking.

Of course, the only errors I can find in my log are:

fix windows update server 2008 r2

2012-01-30 05:00:10:014 980 f40 AU WARNING. Failed to change propertiesBoot for most calls, error = 0x80070057.2012-01-30 07:43:06:441 980 fc0 AU WARNING. Returned due to GetDownloadProgressUx helper error, error=0x8024000C2012-01-30 07:43:06:443 980 fc0 AU WARNING: GetInteractiveInstallProgress failed, error means 0x8024000C

Googling the base error, I found several file size steps:

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  1. fix windows update server 2008 r2

    Click Start and type services.msc in the display box, find and click Services as shown above. Scroll down, publish Windows Update, right click and select Shut down.

  2. Enter this in the %windir%SoftwareDistribution search box, click Software Distribution in the box above, and delete everything in the Downloads folder.

  3. Go back and re-enable our Windows service update.

Later it says I should get MicrosoftFixit.wu.Run.exe from Microsoft and try it, but I’ve had no luck with that. I also tried the Microsoft patch Windows6.1-KB947821-v14-x64.Which msu with the demoralizing phrase “Check for updates on which computer” permanently.

I tried to force reinstall Windows Update from theselected agent WindowsUpdateAgent30-x64.exe /wuforce

I’ve checked my computer for antivirus, rootkit, malware, nothing like that. I reset all VPN connections and quickly turned off the firewall, but nothing happened.

I checked read/write access to C: and its subfolders, all built-in users and administrators have read/write access.

Also tried everything at and manually rebuilt/reinstalled the Windows Update Agent.

I don’t know what else to do/try, any suggestions???

Home Users: Please don’t try this at home! This is an item meant to be usedSupport agents and not just IT professionals. If you are looking for moreFor more information about Windows Update on Microsoft Update errors, see Typethe following Microsoft websites:

When Are you trying to install an update for Windows, any component of Windows, orMicrosoft software and/or possibly third party software that you are programming will not tell you more about this. just a fewBlowing symptoms:

  • You can’t view Windows roles or other features.
  • Unable to install service pack.
  • When You connect to Microsoft Windows Update or an update site thatOne of the following error codes is signed in a Windows Update file(windowsupdate.Or log) in Component Based Servicing log (CBS.log):
    • 0xC80001FE
    • 0x80200010
    • 0x80070643
    • 0x80246002
    • 0x80070490
    • 0x80070420
    • 0x80073712
    • 0x80246007
    • Problem 0x8000FFFF
    • 0x80070424
    • 0x80248007
    • 0x8007064c
    • 0x8024d00c
    • 0x8007066a
    • 0x80245003
    • 0x8024402c
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  • this can happen when one or more of the following conditions are present:

  • The Windows Update database is corrupted.
  • Setting up antivirus software consists of scanning the %Windir%SoftwareDistribution folder.
  • Companies using Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) do not receive the content header.
  • Required registered system file may be described as invalid.
  • Windows Installer encountered an error.
  • Component Based Service (CBS) is broken. windows
  • O ServiceThe update stops during the new installation process.
  • There is a file conflict with Windows Update Agent files.
  • for Deal with the problem, try the following man methods. After eachmethod, try to see if the problem is solved literally before proceeding so that it will be solved afterMethod. If the condition resolves in any way, your claims will not bemust try the remaining special moves.

    How do I fix a corrupted Windows Update?

    Download the Windows Update Troubleshooter from Microsoft.Double-click WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.As you can see, select the Windows Update option.Press “Next”.Click “Try Troubleshooting as a Boss” (if applicable).Click the Close button.

    Method 1: Run The Windows Update Troubleshooter.

    Method 2: Download The Update And Connect It Manually

    Method 3: Restart Your Computer, And Then Frequently Install Updates.

    Method 4: Run The System Update Readiness Tool (CheckSur.exe)

    Method 5: Run Musical Instrument System File Checker (SFC.exe)

    Method 6: Reset The Contents Of The Catroot2 Folder You See

    Method 7: Remove All Invalid Registry Values

    Method 8: Execute Windows Update Files

    Method 9: Make Sure Your Antivirus Applicationdoes Not Scan Certain Files

    Method 10: Rename The SoftwareDistribution Folder

    Method 11: Remove All Running Tasks From The BITS Line

    Method 12: Rename Pending.xml

    Method 13: When You Run Chkdsk, You See The Windows Partition

    To do this, follow most of the following steps:

    1. Define The Microsoft Knowledge Base content number of the failed update. Do To do this, do one of the following: Check the password in the error message.
      • Display HTML code error message.
      • to seeupdate history on the Windows Update website or on the Microsoft Update website. To do this, follow these steps:
        1. Go to the following Microsoft Update website:
        2. Check the update history in the Options section.
        3. In the Update column, look for the Microsoft Knowledge Base article number for the affected update.
    2. Navigate to the following Windows download URL:
    3. In the search box on the Downloads web page, enter the part number you found in step 1, then click OK.

      PNote Enter the article number instead of the letters “kb”. For example, enter “kb123456” as 123456.

    4. You are currently browsing the returned content list for a KB article that requires a download link.

      Note You may be prompted to confirm Windows. If prompted, please noteinstructions on how to check windows and go to boot right after thatupdate.

      Does Windows Server 2008 R2 still get updates?

      Extended support for Windows Server 2010 and Windows Server 2008 R2 ended in January. Extended support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 ends October 1st.

      How do I fix update issues?

      Open settings.Click Update & Security.Click Troubleshoot.Under Get Started, select this Windows Update option.Click the Run all troubleshooters button. Source: Windows headquarters.Click the Close button.

      How do I fix error 0x80070422?

      Make sure the Windows Update Firm is running.Use third party software available to resolve Windows issues.Disable IPv6.Run the SFC and DISM tools.Try any repair upgrade.Check the EnableFeaturedSoftware data.Restart the network list service.Run the Windows 10 update troubleshooter.

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