Sometimes your system may generate an error code that facebook deletes all messages. There can be several reasons for this error to appear. It is not possible to delete all of your Facebook posts at once, other than to delete them one interaction at a time. Deleting a Facebook message only removes it from your entire account – the person or person who sent you the message will most likely still have it.

Deleting messages on Facebook is not as easy as deleting your mail, email, so Facebook intends to keep your message entry history and Facebook chat intact.

To delete posts on Facebook, someone has to open an individual post, go to options and start selecting a post, catWhich one you want to delete.more

More importantly, if you have a lot of messages, the process can take a long time. If not, you can simply remove from the message list notification. If you spend time on this, but the roll will be deleted forever. Instead, it will be stale and re-rendered when the consumer sends you a new message.

Here we always provide help, such as “Facebook Delete Quick Messages”, a data format for your browser which is chrome, allows you to delete Facebook messages with one click.

Delete Facebook messages (painful and slow)

You open your Facebook posts and your company can send text messages to the archive one by one.

However, my post you deleted doesn’t show up as permanently deleted. it will reappear because the person is sending you additional messages.

facebook delete all messages

To delete messages, you must first open each message individually. To do this, click the Actions control and select Messages » Delete.

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You will see all yourmessages to this one with a lover with checkboxes next to each message.

Select messages to delete by checking the box next to the message or simply clicking the Delete All Bits button.

Bulk delete messages manage facebook

For your Facebook posts, visit Facebook’s “Remove Quick Messages” website extension in your Chrome browser and click the “Add to Chrome” link to install it.

After installation, the extension will launch automatically. Now, to delete our Facebook messages with one click without opening the users chat page, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Click “Open Messages”.
  2. Click “Delete all.messages”

That’s all. All messages from Facebook will be deleted by messenger immediately without having to do it one by one.

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Facebook allows users not to delete duplicate messages immediately. You must choose each message on Facebook or maybe Messenger and delete one by one – one by one to get tons of free messages.

Despite mobile shoppers, none of these options allow you to select multiple messages in the messaging app, and you can’t easily delete them. You can delete them individually from the person’s chat options.

But it is possible to delete multiple posts in the old version of Facebook. But Facebook has taken you away from it, and users believe that viewing everyone’s post and deleting it is a real cheat.

Over time, you may eat tons of sent messages or thought requests in a different way than humans, but most of the time you may feel uncomfortable looking through old conversations.want

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You will delete old messages when you empty your inbox. Or you want to help yourself avoid problems with your boyfriend or girlfriend who wants to check their messages.

There are many reasons for this. let’s now see how you can do it.Ezah=”280″

Like Delete Messages/conversations On Facebook

How can I delete all my Facebook messages at once?

Sign in to your Facebook account.Youclick “Show all messengers”.First, press the options wheel to start a conversation.Click “Delete” if you and your family want to delete all of your messages.

To delete multiple messages, your company must be logged into Facebook on your computer, and Google must have a Chrome browser to install Chrome extensions. This trick does not work with the messaging app on your smartphone.

You might think that many Google Chrome extensions claim to end up deleting multiple all or Facebook emails, but I’ve tested over 20 extensions of this type and only a few have worked.

Previous Chrome extensions like “Delete All Messages for Facebook” used to work, but Facebook was constantly updating its platform and most add-ons couldn’t find a way to find and work as usual.

facebook delete all messages

There are many links on the Internet to outdated and open YouTube videos, but this key works as is.

2.Download some Facebook tools and add them to Google Chrome.

3. Sign in to facebook and open Messages, not just Messenger.

4. Go to the Chrome toolbar and click on the extension icon. Or, if it’s not related to the main toolbar available, click here. extension parameter, and will display their owners there.

5.After users click “Multiple on Facebook Only Tools”, they will be redirected to the next extension’s internal page.6. Click “Tools” to leave then “Message Loader” in the options inventory. Check the box to select dialogs.

7. Select the conversation you want to delete and then the specific one, click the “Delete” option. You can also download these conversations if you like. will He

fills 10 dialogs by default, if you want to remove more dialogs, select more lines or almost all lines if you want. Maybe

You can also delete all points at once by loading facebook, all of them, quickly selecting all conversations and clicking the “Delete” button.

This extension will help you delete all conversations with your personal Facebook friends for free, but if you find yourself wanting to delete messages from non-friends, you should use the fastest $10 premium features.

Messenger Is A Cleaner Extension

However, this is yet another Google Chrome extension that currently working. You can download and add them using Google which webstore supports Chrome.

1. Download Message Messenger Cleaner, it will also add a time icon to your Google Chrome toolbar.

How do I clear all messages?

Open the Messages app.Select thread.Longtap an answer to highlight it.Click more than the statements you want to delete.Touch the icon in the particle box of the default menu at the top of the software screen to clear the messages.

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