If you see an error message downloading dumpchk on your computer, check out these solutions.

dumpchk (Microsoft Crash Dump File Tool) Checker is a program that frequently performs a quick analysis of a specific crash dump file. This allows any user to view a summary of the activities contained in the dump file. If the dump man file is socorrupted, the debugger can’t easily open it, DumpChk triggers that fact.

Where To Get DumpChk

Where can I download DumpChk exe?

Download DumpChk.exe online from Microsoft website: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/156280.

Command Line Options [-y Dumpchk

dumpchk DumpFile


symbolpath] -y Specifies the path to the symbol
path where characters, DumpChk should extract characters. Symbol information may still be required for some files. It can also help to complement the information displayed in the dump by turning on the automatic conversion of characters to names.

File specifies dump
dumpfile dump file to extract. This can include a directory path, a true relative directory path, or a UNC path. DumpFile, if it consists of spaces, must be enclosed in double quotes.

Using The Demo, Dumpchk

Here is the statement in the corrupted dump. The error that appeared at the end, Unable to open DebugClient dump file, indicates that some kind of file corruption error has occurred:

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dumpchk download

C:Debuggers> dumpchk c:mydirdumpfile2.dmpDownload dump file c:mydirdumpfile2.(R) dmpMicrosoft Windows 6 Debugger version.9.0003.113 X86Copyright (C) Microsoft. All reasonable rights reserved.File uploadand dump [c:mydirdumpfile2.dmp]Cannot match dump file signature - invalid instruction formatAdd File [c:mydirdumpfile2.dmp] failed HRESULT to open, 0x80004002    "No supported interface type"**** DebugClient cannot open DumpFile - error 80004002

Because this screen does not cover Launch Test Complete with words, the dump file is corrupted. The end of the error message states why the dump file could not be opened.

Note that the other bugs are well listed, some of them are actually harmless. For example, the following error message does not reflect the real problem 3:

Error InitTypeRead( nt!_PEB here at 7ffd5000)

Here is an example of running DumpChk on a clean minidump in user mode. The display starts with a full summary of the dump file, followed by detailed information about exactly what is contained in the dump file:

C:Debuggers> dumpchk c:mydirdumpffile1.dmpDownload dump contents c:mydirdumpfile1.(R) dmpMicrosoft Windows 6 Debugger version.9.0003.113 X86Copyright (C) Microsoft. All civil liberties are protected. Dooloading dump file [c:mydirdumpfile1.Mini dmp]User Dump Filefull memory checker: path only available to application stuffSymbol search: srv*C:CODELocalStore*symbolssymbolsSearch for an executable file by path:Windows Vista Version 6000 MP (2 processors) Free x86 compatibleProduct: WinNt, Suite: for single usersDebug Capability Session: Tue 17 Jun 02:28:23,.one 000 thousand two eight 0 (gmt-7)system uptime: 15:43:52 days.861Process time: 1 day work 0:00:26,000...fileThis dump is of exceptional preservation interest.Information about open exceptions can be logged via .ecxr.----- Analyze user dumpMINIDUMP_HEADER:Mini version (6903)Number of threads a793 12Flags 1826                0002 MiniDumpWithFullMemory                0004 MiniDumpWithHandledData                0020 MiniDump with unloaded modules                0800 mini-dump with complete memory information               1000 MiniDumpWithThreadInfoCurrents:Thread 6: enter ThreadListStream(3), size 00000064, RVA 000001BC  2 sons  RVA 000001C0, ID 1738, Tb: 000000007FFDF000  RVA 000001F0, ID 1340, Tb: 000000007FFDE000Thread 1: Assortment ThreadInfoListStream(17), size 0000008C, RVA 00000220  РВА 0000022C, ID 1738  РВА 0000026C, ID 1340Stream 2: ModuleListStream(4) entry, size 00000148, RVA 000002AC  3 modules  RVA 000002B0, 00400000 - 'C:C 00438000:ODETimeTestDebugTimeTest.EXE'  RVA 0000031C, 779c0000 77ade000: - 'C:WindowsSystem32ntdll. dll' RVA 76830000 00000388, 76908000: - 'C:WindowsSystem32kernel32.dll'Stream 3: enter Memory64ListStream(9), number 00000290, RVA 00001D89  40 RAM is enough  RVA 0x2019 BazeRva  range # RVA address size       2 00002019 00010000 00010000       1 00020000 00012019 00005000       one pair 00017019 0012e000 00002000 (additional stream data removed)Stream 9: type UnusedStream(0), size 00000000, 00000000Stream rva 10: type UnusedStream(0), size 00000000, 00000000Stream rva 11: type UnusedStream(0), size 00000000, RVA 00000000Windows Vista Version 6000 MP (2 processors) Free x86 compatibilityProduct: WinNt, Package: SingleUserTSKernel32.dll version: 6.0.6000.16386 (vista_rtm.061101-2205)Debug learning time: Tue 17 02:28:23 00000009000900090090009000900009000900000000000000900000000000000000009:28:28:23 02:28:28:23system jun availability: 15:43:52.861 daysProcess running time 0:0:00:26 days. 000 Valuable main from time 0:00:00.days 000 Free user time 0: days 0:00:00.000PEB at 7ffd9000    Legacy space: address no    Not readimagefileexecoptions: Debug: Yes    00400000 image base address: Ldr 77a85d00    Dr. Yes initialized: Ldr.InInitializationOrderModuleList: 002c1e30 . 002c2148    Ldr.InLoadOrderModuleList: 002c1da0 . 002c2138    Ldr.InMemoryOrderModuleList: 002c1da8 . 002c2140           Basic Timestamp Modulefrom and 400000 47959d85 Jan 21 23:38:45 2008 C:CODETimeTestDebugTimeTest.exe        4549bdc9 02 779c0000 Nov 02:43:37 2006 C:Windowssystem32ntdll.dll        76830000 4549bd80 Nov 2, 2010 2:42:24 AM C:Windowssystem32kernel32.dll    Subsystem data: 00000000    Process heap: 002c0000    Process parameters: 002c14c0    Window title: "C:CODETimeTestDebugTimeTest.exe"   ImageFile: 'C:CODETimeTestDebugTimeTest. EXE'   Command line: 'CODETimeTestDebugTimeTest from.exe'    DllPath: 'C:CODETimeTestDebug;C:Windowssystem32;C:Windowssystem;    Environment: 002c0808        =C:=C:CODE        =Exit code=00000000        ALLUSERSPROFILE=C:ProgramData        AVENGINE=C:PROGRA~1CASHARED~1SCAN~1        CommonProgramFiles=C:Program FilesCommon Files        COMPUTER NAME=EMNET
dumpchk download

Where can I find a DumpChk?

The default Dumpchk.As exe can be described as being in the installed Program FilesSupporttools folder.

How do I read a .DMP file?

Click Search on the taskbar and type WinDbg.Right click WinDbg, mouse select and run as administrator.click the File menu.Click Start Debugging.Click Open Dump File.Select the dump file in the regional settings folder, %SystemRoot%Minidump for example.

How do I open a DMP file online?

open launch.Find WinDbg, right click on the top result and select "Run as administrator".click the File menu.Click Start Debugging.Select the "Open swamp file" option. fileSelect Plonk from the folder - for example, %systemroot%minidump.Click the Open button.

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