If you have been detected or your PC resource is not responding, this user guide should help. If your computer is often configured correctly, but the device resource is not responding, run a new network troubleshooter. Then turn off your web proxy settings and currently turn off power saving mode for your network card. Also update or reinstall the site driver.

detected or resource is not responding

Network Update Adapter Driver

If you use the wrong or outdated infrastructure adapter driver, you may experience network problems. In order for third-party devices to work properly with your PC, it is important to have the latest version and the correct driver 24/7.

detected or resource is not responding

What Is Causing This Error?

The list of possible causes is short and it can be assumed that it is caused by a DNS issue. The key to solving this problem lies in the cause, and we highly recommend that your organization review this list:

What Can I Do To Solve The Problem?

You are sending an email to the site owner. Let them know you’ve been blocked. Please consider what you were doing when this valuable page appeared and the Cloudflare Ray ID at the top of this page.

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KHow Do I Fix Device Resource Or Not Due To This Error?

First, try restarting your router. Users can do this by turning off or turning off any router. Wait a few minutes and then reconnect the specific router or turn it back on.

DNS Server Not Responding

If anyone is having problems or problems with DNS on your Windows 10 / 8 a / 7 computers, here are some things you might consider to fix the “Your computer is set up correctly, but the primary device or resource (DNS server) should not be responding” error. edit:

How Do You See This Action Plan? Is Your PC Set Up Correctly, But The Device Or Website Isn’t Responding In Windows 10?

If your company’s PC is set up correctly, but the device or resource is responding, don’t run the network troubleshooter. Then turn off your browser proxy settings and turn off power saving mode for all your network adapters. Also, install or update the network driver again.

Which Is Causing Windows To Experience Problems When and Communicating With A Device Resource And An Error Occurs

This error occurs for three reasons. You may have outdated network drivers, poorly optimized settings, or problems connecting to the primary DNS server you are using. Some users have reported that proxy servers are causing problems, which in turn can cause this error message to appear. Good. Before you have to try any of our methods, just try disabling your proxy to really see if you can get that internet back.

How To Fix Devices That Don’t Run Windows Ten?

If you’ve always encountered DNS server not responding the first time, a simple restart of your computer may solve the problem. Restart all network devices including router, cable box and computer, see if that helps.

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Update Your Network Card Driver

Yes, an old network card driver could very well be the cause of a specific Connect problem “DNS server is not responding.” Make sure your drivers are Updated and compatible with the system in use. It might be another solution. And here is the procedure for openly checking that your network driver is up to date:

First, Let’s Understand What DNS Is

DNS stands for (domain name system) wired server to translate the web URL site (hostname) to an IP address that your main browser can connect to. And the IP address for the hostname (website name).

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