If you’re experiencing the d link dir 645 error on your computer, you should check out these troubleshooting tips. Step 1: Open a web browser and type http://dlinkrouter or http://dlinkrouter.local in the address bar. The normal username is admin and the account information is empty (nothing). Click Connect.

  • New SmartBeam™ technology for a better wireless signal wherever shoppers are in your home.
  • Built-in DLNA compatible media server for streaming music videos and photos.
  • SharePort™ Plus Technology: Share a new printer or USB hard drive with multiple users.
  • IPv6 Ready for a Potential Internet Standard
  • The D-Link Wireless-N Home Router with SmartBeam™ technology expands your wireless network model by giving everyone a reliable and stable Internet connection where concrete walls, sloped floors in multi-story buildings, or other architectural obstructions can weaken the wireless signal. With Wireless N technology, this router brings you the best speed and coverage in your home.

    Revolutionary SmartBeam™ technology

    Build a lifelong wireless home network that provides bandwidth for simultaneous HD video streaming, large media downloadsFermentation and online games on various devices. SmartBeam uses 5 multi-directional antennas to search for and track various devices, then focus the bandwidth beams on those specific devices to provide a seamless connection anywhere in your home, even in corners where wireless was not possible before. Eliminate wireless dead zones and provide complete home coverage for all devices while providing your location with uninterrupted connectivity to any machine anywhere in your home.

    Share and upload your multimedia files

    The built-in DLNA compatible Wireless N Home Router media server with SmartBeam™ technology allows you to stream multimedia content directly to computer programs, game consoles and media players, like D-Link’s Boxee Box. You can even share any USB phone (such as a printer’s hard drive) with D-Link’s SharePort™ Plus technology.

    IPv6 ready

    This Router is Ready for the Future of the Internet with Best PracticesThe ongoing transition from IPv4 to IPv6. It has a golden IPv6 Ready logo, which means that it not only supports the standard IPv6 protocol, but is also compatible with IPv6 devices from other manufacturers. This router uses a large dual-stack architecture and handles routing for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks with the same power, so you can be sure that your devices are compatible with both previous and direct versions.

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    D-Link Green™

    The D-Link Wireless-N Home Router with SmartBeam™ Technology is part of D-Link Green™, D-Link’s program for sustainable alternatives without sacrificing performance. The DIR-645 supports WLAN scheduling by typically turning off the wireless network when it is not exclusively needed, such as at night during business hours. Consumption is also further reduced thanks to the guaranteed Energy StarTM power supply.

    The actual beauty of the product may differ from the public image on this page.

    D-Link DIR-657
    d link dir 645

    , a switcher full of proprietary tricks to bypass everything moreThere are no restrictive reasons for 802.11n WiFi. He didn’t position himself and seemed like the ultimate proof that you can’t teach the old standard new trick. Turns out our employees quit a few weeks earlier…

    With the “DIR-645” D-Link is back for more, and this time IT comes with another new computer, the “SmartBeam”. While most research on proprietary routers has focused on prioritizing heavy network traffic, SmartBeam is different. It uses at least 5 multi-directional antennas that do not radiate a signal like clipping method, but instead track and point paired devices to paired devices that focus beams on their program. Think Top Gun without testosterone… planes… and missiles.

    D-Link Insurance Claims SmartBeam is a true breakthrough that offers an answer to 802.11n band and (related) sync issues by providing “a reliable and stable Internet connection in every corner of your home.” The company also needs to be sure, because he didn’t use any of their older bandwidth optimization technologies, including ‘

    Fuel Saw HD

    ” in DIR-657. D-Link also went against the grain and decided not to produce the dual-band DIR-645. Therefore, in general, the shorter and more powerful 5 GHz band is ignored in order to focus the 5 antennas on the maximum movement in the 2.4 GHz band.

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    d link dir 645

    This is not the only risk D-Link has taken. The DIR-645 is also different from any traditional router and as such, its piano black cylindrical design is comparable to the Pringles tube designed by Darth Vader. However, this incredible performance is a compliment. D-Link isn’t sure if the cylindrical shape affects wireless performance, other than it looks impressive and the rotating base is more stable than the rectangular, side-balanced base that there are routers for. easily. Style and functionality one, heritage zero.

    There is also little inheritance on the rest of the concrete router. The rear panel has fourGigabit Ethernet connector, one for Internet connection, and also awesome


    A compatible USB port that allows you to access virtually any USB device (such as a printer or external hard drive) on your network. On the front, clear icons starting at the top indicate internet and wireless connectivity with the power button at the bottom. The second part of the bottom is a one-touch secure setup button, a DIR-645 area well covered by 64/128-bit WEP, WPA/WPA2 and WPS. The product has a router


    full – the new protocol allows 340 more


    The DIR-645 looks solid on paper, but so does the DIR-657. What makes the built-in SmartBeam different is that this DIR-645 remains reliable in practice…

    Setting up the DIR-645 is very easy. It has two quick launch options: the first is to insert the supplied CD and follow the step-by-step instructions, the second is to connect the modem to the computer, turn it on, enter in the browser and follow the instructions. line step by step instructions. They are both easy and you can also surf at the expense ofThese minutes.

    Once you start browsing, you’ll quickly realize that, unlike many new Wi-Fi router technologies, SmartBeam is serious business. At a distance of two meters, the DIR-657 is capable of speeds up to 49 Mbps (6.13 MB per second) – almost any respectable speed, but the full SmartBeam DIR-645 maintains a stable 82.4 Mbps (10.3 MB per second) and provides really solid performance relative to its specifications. “N 300” (theoretical maximum 300 Mbps). This gap is ripening only remotely. At five meters, the speed of the DIR-657 drops to just 19 Mbps (2.38 Mbps), and the DIR-645 practically does not change from 82 to 0.3 Mbps (again, somewhere below 10.3 Mbps) .

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    Why is my D-Link not working?

    If the connection is lost, be sure to try the following: – Turn off your Internet modem (not our own D-Link router) for 20 seconds, then turn it back on. Wait up to 2 minutes and find the network status. If your current status changes to “ConnectedLuceno”, your planet must work.

    How do I reset my Dlink DIR 645?

    Step 1: Find the reset key. There should be a small reset button.Step 2: Press the reset control button. When the router is turned on, press and hold the reset button.Step one: press and hold the reset button.Step 4-5: Restart your router.Step 5: Log in to the router.

    How do I access my Dlink?

    Open the best web browser and enter the IP address “” to access the web interface of your own device. Follow the router setup courses and even at the end you will be prompted to register your D-Link account. Or you can just click “mydlink settings” on the “Setting” page.

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