In recent days, some users have told us that they found out which motherboard I have Windows 10 on. Press the Windows + R key combination to open the Run dialog box, then type msinfo32 and press Enter to launch the Microsoft System Information Tool. In the System Summary, look for “BaseBoard” results and you’ll see the motherboard manufacturer, model number, and product.

Check What Kind Of Motherboard You Have

There are different types, shapes and sizes of motherboards. Just like your devices, motherboards may offer different features. If you’re planning to build on your own PC, you can learn more about these different types and learn more about the specialization offered by OEMs.Surely there will be other ways to check which motherboard is holding your system together. I’ll take a tour and walk you through the different methods so you can choose the easiest one for you.

check what motherboard i have windows 10

What Are The Motherboard Sizes?

There are three new and interesting motherboard sizes – ATX, Micro-ATX as well as Mini-ITX. While small sizes save a lot of space, they also reduce functionality. So always checkThis is it. The motherboard will be selected depending on the specific case, or vice versa.

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Find Out The Model Of The Motherboard, Use Third-party Applications

If the above two methods do not suit you, finding the next one is always the third option. You can install great third-party software on your computer and get the motherboard model information you need.

How Can I Find The Brand, Model, And Serial Number Of My Motherboard Using The Command Line?

On Windows 7 Click Start and type cmd in the search bar to open a command prompt. In Windows 8.1, press the Windows key + X and select “Command Prompt (Admin)” from the list that appears.

How Do I Find My Motherboard Model?

The first way to find this computer’s default motherboard is to view the system information. You can search the start menu for “System Information” or msinfo32.exe in the Run dialog to even open it. Then go to the “System Summary” section and find “System Model” on the main page.

check what motherboard i have windows 10

CheckGet Your Motherboard’s Magic CMD Size

The first way to find out what motherboard you have is usually from the command line. The Command Prompt (CMD) is considered a native Windows application and provides the user with a system to perform operations using commands. You can enter a few commands here to check the motherboard model of this laptop or desktop computer. Here are the exact steps.

How To Check The Motherboard Details On A Windows 10/11 PC Using The Command Line?

This is the course The easiest way to find out the motherboard details Check Windows details 11 / 10 PC if your PC is considered to be working. You should definitely use the command line to quickly check the motherboard information on your computer or laptop, which means you don’t have to try third party software.

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How To Update BIOS:

BIOS was a set of instructions, often found in microprograms, that gave commands to reduce input and output operations. For example, if you discover a new hardware problemAfter your computer, customers should update the BIOS because changing the operating system drivers cannot solve it.

Check What Motherboard Model You Have (2021)

We introduce four simple way to find out the make and model of your motherboard on a Windows PC. This includes using the command line for command installation, a third party utility, and looking at Windows system information. So don’t waste any more time and see how you can access the formula and details of the Windows PC motherboard model.

DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Few people use the DirectX Diagnostic Tool because after you find the basic information, a lot of manual research is required. However, none of the other methods work very well, try this one.

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