Recently, some of our users reported to us that they encountered an error when deleting a Windows 10 key that cannot be deleted.

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You may need to give them ownership before you can delete the key. Click rightright-click on the key and select “Permissions …”, in this case, click “Add”. Enter someone’s username, then click Check Names. click OK. Then click “Advanced”, then go to the “Owner” tab. Highlight your username and press OK. You should be able to enable full access in the “Allow” column and remove the -Party Registry Editor for Windows key from there. This allows anyone to delete registry keys that buyers would otherwise have to change permissions as described above.

cannot delete error while deleting key windows 10

Can not delete error while deleting key?

Removing registry policies is not something you usually write. However, sometimes removing the registry scale can fix a system error.

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What If I Get An Error When Deleting A Registry Key?

Here I have described above various ways to remove the PC key that caused this error. Follow all the methods here and you should be able to delete the registry key as well.

Fix Unable To Move To Delete All Specified Values ​​when Deleting Registry Key

Error “You cannot delete all specified values ‘ is displayed when you do not have the necessary permissions to modify or delete a registry key. Some registry tactics require special timessolutions for editing, creating or deleting. To be able to delete these registry keys, you must have the necessary permissions to still be able to do so.

Reset Your Current Windows Password

After resetting your password, try restarting Dropbox, to install it. The installation should work and give an error. If that doesn’t solve the problem, the precious permissions on some files in your folder may not be set correctly. You can solve this problem by doing the following:

Thanks To The Windows Registry Editor

Here we implement the same program that we use in the market to make changes to the Windows Registry called Windows – Registry editor. Simply press and hold the key box and press R. Causes

cannot delete error while deleting key windows 10

You May Encounter A “file Cannot Be Deleted” Error

The file you are using may not be unlocked somewhere or it may be Delete pending status. To notice all running files and processes, open the task manager and from there close the files with a fake task termination.

Can not delete chrome error while deleting key?

You will probably need to take ownership of it before you can delete any part of the key. Right-click the key and select “Permissions…”, then click “Add”. Enter your username using “Check Names”. click OK. Then click “Advanced”, then go to the “Owner” tab. Highlight your username and press OK. You should now have a bit more opportunity to check the full access listed in the “Allow” column and actually remove the key from there.

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How do I delete a corrupt registry key?

I have 2 registry keys that the security defines as a broken CLSID, but they don’t show up in the REGEDIT, probably because their path is corrupted, for example…

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