You may have encountered an error code indicating that you are booting from avid hardware. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, which we will return to shortly.

NOTE: macOS 10.13.2 (High Sierra) Pro Tools 12.8.3 was added to support macOS 10.13.2 (High Sierra). macOS 10.13.1 users should upgrade to 10.13.2 Pro before leaving t Only 12 tools. .8.3 ne applicable due to business matters.


Additional Downloads

Can you download Avid?

Go to the My Products page under Subscriptions in your main Avid account and find your Pro Tools product in Hysteria Magenta. Click (next to View product details and download links) to view all downloads available in the market.

Installation, Troubleshooting, And Techniques With Warnings

Starting with version A, Pro Tools uses separate installers for audio interface drivers (unlike Pro Tools LE, which installed all the required electronic device drivers).

  • Document pro Tools Software Version 9.0 Installation Guide for this installation recommends the latest predecessor installation of the Pro Tools 9 driver. Recommends
  • It’s a good idea to set up a device for delivery workers after installing Pro Tools.
  • Drivers installed before and after or Pro Tools.

  • “Pro Tools is not normally able to initialize the current playback device. Please make sure the device has been assembled correctly.” kb381131
  • No options available for engine rendering.requirements kb428231
  • System for Pro Tools HD 12
  • System requirementsTools Pro for Tools 12
  • Pro Tools Updates
  • Audio interfaces and peripherals approved for Pro 10.0
  • 9 tools pro.0 approved audio interfaces and peripherals
  • Audio interfaces and peripherals supported by Pro 9 mp.0
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    HDX HD and native drivers for Pro Tools


    avid hardware download

    HD native PCIe

    Native HD Thunderbolt

    These autodrivers are only intended for use with native Tools pro|HDX and Tools on pro|HD on systems running Tools HD tutorial 12, Tools pro HD 15 and/or Tools pro HD 10.3.6, and any use of the above Software. Do not rush to install these HD TDM Tarot cards. If you have also installed Tools pro HD 10.3.5 and are there,We should not run this on a hardware installer. True HD drivers are part of the HD pro Tools custom plug-in (HD pro Tools 10.3.5 and earlier).

    Standalone HD driver for Pro Tools accel systems

    HD Acceleration

    These road users are designed for use with Pro Tools|HD Accel hardware on systems where Pro Tools HD software is unlikely to be installed. If you have already installed Pro Tools to you hd, you should not use this installer. The correct HD drivers are installed as part of the Pro HD Tools software (Pro HD Tools 10.3.5 and earlier).

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    avid hardware download

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    For colspan=”4″ all Specialit controllers (formerly Euphonix MC) require the full EuControl software package to match the operating system. All installers can be electronically delivered to you from the Avid Download Center after linking it to your main Avid account. For more information about accessing the Download Center, see this article.

    The following devices are effectively considered obsolete as they are no longer manufactured and are no longer supported or evaluated in disputes by some (see this support at the end of this article for more information). For specific information, check out the device requirements for each stroller by simply clicking on the appropriate links below.

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  • Family products 002 and 003:
    • Drivers 002 and 003
  • Mbox family products:
  • Mbox 2 Pro Driver
  • Multiple drivers 2 mbox
  • Mbox mbox minidriver
  • Microdriver 2
  • Fast Track family products:
  • Fast Track C400 Driver
  • Fast Track C600 Driver
  • Fast Track Pro Driver
  • Fast Ultra Driver
  • Fast Ultra track 8R Driver
  • USB Fast Track Driver
  • Fast driver (2nd generation)
  • Pre-family mobile products:
  • MobilePre USB Driver
  • MobilePre Driver (2nd Generation)
  • Surfaces packmanagement
  • Command|8 Driver for Mac:
  • Drivers are installed by the Pro Tools installer
  • Command|8 driver because Mac OS X is automatically provided as part of the Pro Tools 9 and 10 software installation, as well as selectable in the Pro Tools 8 (HD, M-Powered) shared file option below, and installers
  • Command|8 Windows Drivers:
  • Command|8 users with Pro Tools 3 and 10 only: Download the Command|8 v9.0 driver for Windows
  • Command|8 drivers must be selectable in Pro Tools 8 (HD, LE, M-Powered) and earlier installers
  • MIDI interfaces
  • Mac MIDI I/O Driver
  • Windows MIDI I/O driver
  • The following audio interfaces have been enhanced for use with video editing software Media Composer, Symphony and NewsCutter.

  • USB interfaces
  • Mbox (3rd generation)
  • Mbox Mini (3rd generation)
  • Mobile box 2
  • Mbox 2 Mini
  • Quick Access Pro
  • Mobile preview
  • FireWire interfaces
  • Mbox (3rd pro generation)
  • Mbox 2 Pro
  • Number 002
  • Welcome Avid – thanks for your choiceR. Please select a product below to download the software.

    Choose A Product

    Registration And Activation

    Do you have a dilemma when registering your products? To get help, click the “CHAT NOW” and “NEED HELP” buttons on the right side of the page.

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    Avid Knowledge Base

    Here you will find help for all products, both past and present. Whether you need system or troubleshooting help, a user manual or anything else, solutions are always at your fingertips.

    Where can I download Avid?

    Log into your Avid Master my account at account and go to the “Login” section in the upper right corner of the home page.You can very easily access the Download Center by entering one of the following commands:The following list of Avid products available for download will be displayed.

    Do I need to install Avid HD driver?

    It clearly says to install the HD type driver if you have Avid HDX or HD Native hardware. It also allows you to use the hardware with other DAWs and applications that likely require basic Asio audio drivers. This is a driver that will help you use Avid with Pro Tools hardware and hd various other DAWs.

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